The current challenges created by Covid-19 make it difficult to offer programs supporting our plan members and families desire to stay healthy. We know members are facing challenges to stay active with fitness facilities closed and other challenges created by the current situation to regular physical activity. We are pleased to announce that we will still be able to provide our annual bike tune-up program from May 1 to 31, 2020.

We have made some changes to comply with the current health recommendations. We now have a mobile bicycle repair company providing our services. This will eliminate the need to go to a storefront to receive this service. This year Velofix will be providing at home tune-up services. Velofix is also providing touchless service. The following video explains how their touchless services works . Please keep in mind that we have our own website for our members exclusive usage, so you won’t have to pay as mentioned in the video.

As with our past bike clinics, a full tune-up will be provided for you free of charge. If extra parts or repairs are necessary this would be an extra cost to you (if you decide to go ahead with the repairs). There is no requirement to perform the extra repairs.
A maximum of two bicycles can be tuned up per family free of charge. Your name will be cross referenced with an eligibility list to receive these services.

The following link must be used to book your appointment. It is not searchable via the Velofix website so ensure you use this link only. This link also provides the exclusive ability to book as a HPFF Benefits Trust plan member without paying for the tune-up services offered through this program.

Please note that this is mobile service and it is not feasible to perform this tune-up program in remote areas. The general guideline boundary for services will be HRM however extreme areas of HRM will need to be reviewed. Contact if you are in a remote area of HRM and we will attempt to work something out.

The following explains the process on how to book your appointment. Please note that due to the current high demand it is recommend that you book as soon as possible. Currently there is at least a 7 day waiting period for available appointments.

• Use the link
• Enter your postal code and hit the book now button on bottom of the opening page
• Choose basic tune and identify the quantity of bikes requiring service (do not change the booking code)
• Fill in the tell us about your ride with the make/model of bike and any additional work required if possible
• Choose a date and time that works for you
• Fill in rider details
• Then hit complete my order to make final booking

It is our pleasure to offer this service to plan members and their families. We hope that it will help physically and mentally to get out for a bike ride in these challenging times.

Please keep in mind that this will qualify for a credit under the HPFF Benefits Trust Scholarship/Health Rewards program.

HPFF Benefits Trust