We are pleased to announce that effective May 1, 2020, all active Halifax Professional Firefighters Benefits Trust members and their dependent family members will now have access to a full range of health and wellness services as part ofthrough our benefits package provided under the Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP). This new program will be provided by Homewood Health and includes enhanced services for HPFF members. This new MFAP is in addition to the current peer referral services that will continue to be offered through FFAP.

This new program is in no way a negative comment on the current FFAP program. The 2019 mental health survey indicated that members wanted options for how they receive mental health services. The current CovidCOVID-19 situation, and the related challenges members and their families are facing, has moved up our implementation timelines. The provider chosen by the board allows for access to online tools and self-directed treatment options in this time of social distancing. Prevention is one of the main focus areas of this program.

Please note that this is not the HRM EAP program. We have added enhanced services for HPFF members. HRM does not offer these enhanced services. If you should use these services please ensure that you identify as an HPFF member, not as an HRM employee so you will have access to all of the enhanced services. Should you lose this letter, information about the program will be available on the www.hpffbenefits.ca website.

The following services are included for HPFF Members:

Innovative mid-to longer-term, work-focused treatment for individuals with moderate to severe anxiety and/or depressive symptoms. Treatment services are designed for individuals who remain on the job but are struggling with acute, or long-term, depression and/or anxiety symptoms. The program provides up to 20 sessions of individual treatment.

Specialized treatment and resiliency training for individuals who are struggling with PTSD, mood and/or anxiety disorders. Our unique model uses industry best practices including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), resiliency training, and innovations like Mindfulness and Metta Trauma Therapy. It is designed for individuals who remain on the job but are struggling with acute, or long-term trauma symptoms. The program provides up to 20 hours of individual treatment.

Counselling Services
Counselling services are available face to face, by telephone or can be accessed through online e-Counselling. The model of counselling is short-term in focus with clearly defined goals and outcomes. It is meant to help you understand your concerns and develop a plan of action to address them. Should additional counselling be necessary, your HPFF Benefits Plan coverage will apply.

Life Smart Coaching
Lifestyle and Specialty Counselling includes caregiving, life planning, career planning, and health management services. These services have been developed to allow you to take a proactive approach to manage everyday challenges and life transitions. For the most part, these services are delivered by phone or online and often include an assessment, a personalized package of information and useful tools with your best interests in mind.

Homewood Health’s website contains an online resource of healthcare-related materials, which is partnered with the Canadian Medical Association. The Health and Wellness Companion contains an interactive health risk assessment, access to a comprehensive library of medical information and can even create a personal health record. In addition, e-Learning courses offer self-directed, confidential and interactive online courses which include printable information, quizzes, and exercises. The topics offered are designed to help you take charge of your health and well-being

Effective May 1, 2020, active HPFF members and their families can call the number on the this information bulletin shown below day or night, 365 days of the year. If you are in crisis, immediate support is available. Please be assured that the program is completely confidential.

A basic overview of the program and how to login to the Homewood website is available by clicking on this link https://hpffbenefits.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Homewood-MFAP-Overview-Modified.pdf

For a comprehensive multi-media web-based orientation of the program and access to all of the e-services, you can visit Homewood Health’s website at www.homeweb.ca and then log into Member Services.


HPFF Benefits Trust

For any question or issue please contact Homewood Health™. Due to current cell phone network demands created by people working from home it is suggested that you use a land line.
1-800-663-1142 (English)
1-866-398-9505 (French)
1-888-384-1152 (TTY)
604.689.1717 (International)